Our Mission

At the very least we aim to turn Old Mill Lakes into one of the very best fisheries in the North of England. We aim to achieve this by ensuring that anglers who come to Old Mill Lakes enjoy the experience as this, we feel, is what angling is supposed to be about.

Why Choose Us

Old Mill Lakes is set overlooking the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds in a peaceful, secure and friendly environment and offers excellent angling for well looked after, clean and healthy carp. Old Mill Lakes also offers access to toilet and shower facilities.

What We Do

We are always striving to improve the fishery and by being anglers ourselves that enables us to do this. We are always keeping a close eye on fish stocks to ensure that they are keep healthy and given the very best opportunity to realise their full potential.


The jewel of the Old Mill complex, Birch represents more of a challenge to the angler, but what rewards there are to be had for your effort! Birch contains multiple 40lb+ specimen carp with Common Carp to 46lb+ and Mirror Carp to 47lb+.  In addition there are an impressive number of 30lb+ fish present and we estimate there to be 40-45 in total over this weight (winter 16/17). Though Birch can be a challenge, talented anglers have previously been able to catch on most visits, though equally, don’t be surprised if you go half a dozen or more sessions without a fish!

Memberships are priced as a one off £50 fee. Please enquire about availability as we do like to keep numbers fairly limited, so cannot guarantee that memberships are available at all times.

Description Details
Size of Lake 8 Acres
Range of Depth 3ft to 10ft
Average Depth 6ft to 7ft
Number of Carp 180
Lake Record Mirror 47lb
Lake Record Common 46lb
Lake Bed Weed, Sand, Clay, Chalk
Membership Required? Yes
Membership Cost £50
Ticket Cost £30 / 24 hrs


Ideal for group bookings/socials or those anglers looking to step up from a runs water to target 20lb+ carp. Willow contains a great head of large target fish with around 15 fish weighing in at 27lb+ up to the lake records, a mirror and common both of 32lb. Behind these we estimate around another 20 to 25 fish weigh in at 24lb to 26lb, with around 65 to 70 fish in total at 20lb and above. Willow also contains a great head of 20lb+ commons with many 27lb+ specimens with the lake record coming in at 32lb. Willow also makes an excellent winter water with January often one of the most productive months of the year with multiple hits of 20lb+ fish a realistic proposition!

Description Details
Size of Lake 3 Acres
Range of Depth 5ft to 17ft
Average Depth 7ft to 8ft
Number of Carp 120
Lake Record Mirror 32lb
Lake Record Common 32lb
Lake Bed Clay, Sand
Membership Required? No
Membership Cost N/A
Ticket Cost £25 / 24 hrs


Due to open in Late Spring/Summer 2017, Oak will represent a great “beginners” or “runs” water. Oak contains over 700 fish with Commons to 26lb, Mirrors to 26lb and a 20lb Ghostie. Oak represents a great opportunity to get a few runs under your belt, whether you are fairly new to angling for carp or looking for a confidence boost or to test tactics. Some stunning fish that we are sure will grow very well over the coming years!

We are going to be offering a fantastic weekend deal for Oak this year. A weekends 48 hours angling, including a 10kg Old Mill mix of particle and pellet suitable for spoding/spombing, all for the fantastic price of £40!!!

Description Details
Size of Lake 8 Acres
Range of Depth 5ft to 10ft
Average Depth 7ft to 8ft
Number of Carp 700
Lake Record Mirror 26lb
Lake Record Common 26lb
Lake Bed Sand, Clay
Membership Required? No
Membership Cost N/A
Ticket Cost £20 / 24 hrs

Latest Catches

A gallery of the largest fish to target in Willow
Old Mill Lakes added 30 new photos to the album: Willow Gallery — at Old Mill Lakes.
"Tin Opener" 38lb+
Old Mill Lakes at Old Mill Lakes.
A gallery of the largest fish to target in Birch.
Old Mill Lakes added 66 new photos to the album: Birch Gallery — at Old Mill Lakes.
28.8 birch lake
Birch lake😊
16th July 2016
Another fish and another PB, this time for Andy Naylor with "Mitre Delta" at 43lb! This is the 3rd different fish at 43lb+ this year so far! Well done Andy! #birch #oldmilllakes
16th July 2016
Daz Watson continues his run of fish with "Peach Common" at 31lb 15oz from Birch. Well done Daz #birch #oldmilllakes
16th July 2016
Jake Bannister also got a PB from Birch this weekend; his second PB in as many trips! Jake managed to bank the much sought after "Mean Bean" at 34lb 8oz; a very healthy spawned out weight and ...
16th July 2016
Joseph Wayne Beadle got a new PB from Birch in the shape of "Riggers" at 34lb. Well done! #birch #oldmilllakes
15th July 2016
Dean Hill with "Sergeant" at 35lb from Birch. Dean also baited heavily with a spread of Liver Shellfish and Uberfruit on a quick overnighter #birch #oldmilllakes #trentbaits
15th July 2016
Dan King got amongst the fish during a quick overnighter taking two 20's with "Peach" at 27lb+ and a low 20lb common. Dan fed heavily with a spread of Liver Shellfish and Uberfruit #birch #oldmilllakes #trentbaits
11th July 2016
Andy Benson with "Scar" at 31lb 10oz from Birch #birch #oldmilllakes

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