Oak Details

Oak is a great 20’s water and represents an excellent opportunity of large hits of fish. Oak contains around 750 fish with Commons to 33lb+, Mirrors to 32lb+, Leathers to 32lb+, Linears to 33lb+ and a 26lb+ Ghostie. To date there have been 7 different 30’s confirmed (as at January 2020), though we expect that there are around 10 to 12 fish through 30lb, just waiting for them to get caught again. Last year saw lots of the single figure stockies from 3 years ago breaking though 20lb+ for the first time, we fully expect a large proportion of these fish to break through 20lb over this coming year. Oak offers a great opportunity to get a few runs under your belt, whether you are fairly new to angling for carp or looking for a confidence boost or to test tactics. Oak contains some stunning fish that we are sure will grow very well over the coming years!

Description Details
Size of Lake 8 Acres
Range of Depth 5ft to 10ft
Average Depth 7ft to 8ft
Number of Carp 750
Lake Record Mirror 32lb+
Lake Record Common 33lb+
Lake Record Leather 32lb+
Lake Record Linear 33lb+
Lake Record Ghostie 26lb+
Lake Bed Sand, Clay
Membership Required? No
Membership Cost N/A
Ticket Cost £35 / 24 hrs


£70per weekend (Mar to Nov)
  • £60 per weekend (Dec to Feb)
  • Fri/Sat only; no single night bookings

First 2 nights

£35per night (Mar to Nov)
  • £30 per night (Dec to Feb)

After 2 nights

£30per extra night
  • Not including Fri/Sat night

Full Week

£210full week
  • Can't start or finish on a Saturday

Oak Contour Map

Oak Contour Map